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TandemFéminin.MllesDupréEtDerbys.NosViellesGloiresDuCyclisme.JPG Tillie Anderson Shoberg wears a costume worn by women cyclists in the early 1890s. Shoberg was known as 'Tillie the Terrible Swede.'An immigrant from Sweden, Tillie was known as the best female bicyclist in the late 1800s. She compe Madamoiselle Eteogella 1896--1897 ... Mlle Serpolette Tillie Anderson - one of the earliest female champions. She was World Champion from 1897 to 1902 Tillie Anderson raced 130 races in the late 1800's losing only 7. Declared champion of the world, and broke boundaries for women's rights - along with the right to race! Margaret Gast, the “Mile a Minute†gal. She was a world champion cyclist in the late 1800′s. Tillie Anderson, Chicago rider who defeated Lisette, european champion Tillie Anderson, women's 6-day racing champion in the late 19th century. Image result for tillie anderson

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